I love my staff!! Courtney February 20, 2017 21:51

If you've been in Noble Woman Boutique, there's a very high chance that the owner, Courtney Voorhees, was working. Courtney recently took over the store this past January after being co-owner the year prior. She has been determined to combine fashion and faith to create an atmosphere unlike any other, which we believe she has done. Courtney has a heart of gold and truly plays people's strengths, and that is why she is so successful. Here's what you need to know about Courtney:

Courtney Voorhees

How long have you worked at Noble Woman?
Since May 2013

Where is your hometown?
Cottonwood, MN

What is your favorite color?
Any shade of green

What is the most dominant color in your closet?
Are stripes a color ūü§£ Black

Who inspires your fashion sense?
Joanna Gaines

What is your favorite brand at NWB?
All of them! Probably Cupcakes and Cashmere and Velvet Heart

What is your favorite thing about working there?
My amazing coworkers and our clients! I truly love having a job that enables me to build relationships. I also enjoy that I am able to be creative and I get to play dress up every day!

What is your hidden talent?
I'm really good at Candy Crush Soda and Jelly...not the regular Candy Crush though, that one is too hard!  

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? 

I can't really think of anything about me...but I want everyone to know how incredibly grateful I am for all of these amazing ladies we have featured throughout the week!!  They are all so supportive, hardworking, and make Noble Woman what it is!!  I couldn't do this without each and every one of you! Thank you Wendy, Dawn, Erin, Stephanie, Katie, Emily and are all my favorites!!!!!! A special thank you to Wendy Anderson for all of her hard work on this blog series!  You are amazing!  
Here's some of my favorite memories with my favorite ladies!!

I love you ladies!!!! I am so blessed!

Here's what staff member, Wendy Andersen, has to say about Courtney:
Courtney has made me feel welcome at this store ever since I started. She's created such a positive environment here, not only for her employees, but also for her customers. She truly, deeply cares about every person she encounters every day she works. She's so good at what she does (selling clothes and creating displays), but she's also a great friend, wife, and follower of Jesus. Courtney approaches everyone with an open mind and open heart, looking to fill spaces where people feel empty. She truly is an irreplaceable leader of our NWB team and we don't know what we would do without her.

We love our staff!! Emily February 19, 2017 20:18

Today we introduce to you the newest member of our team, Emily Pollock. Emily is a mom, teacher, and fashionista and we are very lucky to have her. She is a ray of sunshine, making everyone's day brighter. We are truly blessed to have her outgoing, bubbly, and happy personality as part of our team. Here is what you need to know about Emily:

Name: Emily

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? 3 months!!

Where is your hometown? Ottumwa, Iowa

What is your favorite color? Purple What is the most dominant color in your closet? Is stripes a color? Ok, black and white stripes.

Who inspires your fashion sense? Whomever looks comfy and cute-I don't have just one!

What is your favorite brand at NWB? Jack or BB Dakota..or Lucky. Do I have to pick just one?!

What is your favorite thing about working here? My favorite parts are a) the amazing group of women I get the pleasure of working with. They are incredible. And b) the amazing group of women that shop there! I seriously love every minute of it!

What is your hidden talent? I used to be fast-now I eat lots of food. I also sing loud and proud when nobody's around.

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I'm obsessed with my beautiful family, love God, and often wonder why I live where it's so dang cold! Oh and I'm a teacher!

Storeowner, Courtney, has this to say about Emily: This girl is the newest member of our family at NWB and we are so blessed to have her! She is rocking it at the boutique and handled her first busy Saturday shift like a pro! She is always wondering what she can do to help and is willing to do anything we need to get done. This woman is a mom of two little ones and teaches full time yet still has the energy to help us out on Saturday's! Besides being a hard worker, Emily is another one of the sweetest people I know! She is down to earth and so fun to work with...she makes my heart happy!

We love you, Emily!

We love our staff!! Katie February 18, 2017 20:04

It's day 6 of "We love our staff"week and today, we would like to introduce you to Katie Hutt. Katie is one of the newer members to our team at Noble Woman Boutique, and boy are we lucky to have her. Katie has a smile that could light up a room with a heart as warm as the sun. She is sweet, sincere, outgoing and gracious. Here's what you need to know about Katie:

Name: Katie Hutt

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? Since July of 2016

Where is your hometown? Boyd, MN

What is your favorite color? Teal or purple

What is the most dominant color in your closet? Black or Grey

Who inspires your fashion sense? The lovely ladies of Noble and anyone who has more fashion sense than me! ūüėČ

What is your favorite brand at NWB? Cherish

What is your favorite thing about working there? How friendly the staff and customers are! It feels like family and has ever since my first day! The environment of the store is like none other too, it feels like home and you can tell it is a fun place to be the moment you walk through the door!

What is your hidden talent? I play piano, been playing since I was 8

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I have been a bridesmaid in 6 weddings over the last three years!!

Here is what storeowner, Courtney, has to say about Katie:

"This beauty is another one of our Saturday girls and has been a great addition to NWB! Katie is super sweet, she's organized, she's willing to help out even after she works all day, she loves to stay busy and will gladly do whatever needs to be done. She will even bring me some fingernail polish remover when I am having a "toe emergency"! Katie can play the piano, run a 5k effortlessly (or so it seems), and she can dance!  Oh, and did I mention she's gorgeous??? Thank you Katie for your kindness and patience, I feel so blessed to have you on our team!!"

We love you, Katie!

We love our staff!! Stephanie February 17, 2017 20:10

Today, we are featuring our world traveler and the one who works the magic behind the camera, Stephanie Werner. Stephanie has the softest, kindest spirit and possesses such genuine talent in writing and photography. She truly is a noble woman, and we are so lucky to have her. Here's a little more about Stephanie:

Name: Stephanie Werner

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? 2 years this spring

Where is your hometown? Cottonwood

What is your favorite color? Ugh! It changes constantly but I'll go with blue

What is the most dominant color in your closet? I'd say I gravitate most towards olive green!

Who inspires your fashion sense? PINTEREST! Haha!! I also follow a bunch of instagrammers and fashion bloggers! I'm always looking for a variety of styles- boho, easy everyday, and classic pieces.

What is your favorite brand at NWB? Mmmmmm. All of them? Haha!! Velvet heart, BB Dakota, Kuts!

What is your favorite thing about working there? I love the atmosphere at Noble. I work with the best women out there. I feel so comfortable when I'm working there that I feel like I really have a chance to thrive; to do my best when helping women find that perfect outfit!

What is your hidden talent? I can do the Rubio cube in under 2 minutes!

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I love people and I love clothes and I love to smile!

Storeowner, Courtney, has this to say about Stephanie:

Oh Stephie!! Where do I begin? This girl is a world traveler, she's an amazing photographer, she is about to become a teacher, and she has been a blessing to us at Noble Woman. She is such a goof ball and makes me laugh soooo hard every time we work together. Steph has a kind heart and a passion to help others thats is truly inspiring. If I need some pictures taken, someone to cover a shift, a double cappuccino, help with technology or prayer...she's got my back!!! If you haven't met Stephanie, stop in and see her! She's the cutie behind the camera ūüėČ

We love you, Steph!

We love our staff!! Erin February 16, 2017 21:35

It's Day 4 of "We love our Staff" week here at NWB and we are proud to introduce Erin Heuberger. Erin is a phenomenal worker, who you will see at the store almost every day of the week. She has a passion for Jesus and fashion, which is what Noble Woman Boutique is all about. She brings a positive energy to the store that no one could every replace. Here is a little more about Erin that we all think you should know:

Name: Erin Heuberger

How long have you worked at the store: 2 years total

Where is your hometown: Marshall, MN

What is your favorite color: Blues

What is the most dominant color in your closet: Taupe

Who inspires your fashion sense: Jessica Biel

What is your favorite thing about working here: NWB provides clothing and accessories that do just that. I love looking good, feeling good, and doing good. I love how working at NWB allows me to cultivate those same virtues in the lives of women through the art of fashion. It’s not about feeling better than someone else, it’s about feeling your best you.

What is your hidden talent: Finding ‚Äúdiamonds in the rough‚ÄĚ and making the best caramel rolls you‚Äôll ever eat.

What‚Äôs one thing you want others to know about you: I am nothing without Jesus and also‚Ķ. If there‚Äôs snacks at the party I‚Äôll most likely be there ‚ėļ

Storeowner, Courtney, has this to say about Erin:

Or "Eriness" as some of us like to call her. This woman is amazing. Erin is as silly as she is sincere. She makes up words that I am somehow using now, and she makes me laugh harder than almost anyone I know (usually at her expense). Erin somehow keeps me on track when I get distracted, which I appreciate soooo much! She has has a way of helping me put things into perspective and has encouraged me throughout our friendship...even if she was the one who needed the encouragement. And she somehow always knows just the right thing to say right when I need to hear it. Erin is honest, selfless, empathetic, extremely weird, and truly one of a kind. Thank you Erin for your grace and support, and don't make my eyes happy!



We love you, Erin!

We love our staff!! Dawn February 15, 2017 20:59

Our third lovely lady¬†to be featured for our ‚ÄúWe Love Our Staff‚ÄĚ week is the beautiful, talented, Dawn Deutz. Dawn has been working at Noble Woman for three and a half years and we truly would have been lost without her. She has a unique, amazing eye for displaying our wonderful clothing, candles, and accessories. She plays a large part in making our store look so beautiful.

Here’s how Dawn describes herself:

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? 3.5 years

Where is your hometown? Marshall, MN

What is your favorite color? Yellow

What is the most dominant color in your closet? I tend to buy navy, greens, orange, and yellow tones

Who inspires your fashion sense? Jackie O and Victoria Beckham

What is your favorite brand at NWB? I love simple, classic lines that aren’t too trendy. My favorites are B.B. Dakota, Mystree, and Kut from the Kloth

What is your favorite thing about working there? The people I work with and selling to others

What is your hidden talent? I’m a designer at heart. I love to create.

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I’m compassionate and a good listener. I hope people see Christ in me.

Storeowner, Courtney, has this to say about Dawn:

This woman is truly one of a kind! Dawn it's one of those people that you just love from the minute you meet her. Every shift I work with her we spend most of the time laughing, we usually cry at least once, and then laugh at ourselves for crying ūüėā Dawn has a keen eye for design and I love the days when I get to be creative with her. She has a great¬†sense of style and will always give you an honest opinion on how something looks on you. Besides being creative¬†and stylish, Dawn is selfless, humble, generous, caring, and can find something positive in any situation. Thank you Dawn for always encouraging me and for your friendship! I love your face‚̧

We love you so much, Dawn!

We Love Our Staff!! Wendy February 14, 2017 19:18

Here at Noble Woman Boutique, if there‚Äôs one thing we love more than our clothes, it‚Äôs our staff. We have eight amazing, dedicated women who make this store what it is and we think you all should get to know them. Since it‚Äôs the week of Valentine‚Äôs day, we will be doing a ‚ÄúWe Love Our Staff‚ÄĚ week and introducing them to you. Check out our blog each day this week (through next Monday) to see who is being featured.¬†

Next up in the ‚ÄúWe Love Our Staff‚ÄĚ introductions is Wendy Andersen. Wendy has been working at Noble Woman Boutique for two and a half years now. She loves the store just as much as she loves to shop, and let me tell you, that‚Äôs a LOT! Wendy brings a passion for fashion to the store, and has since gotten the nickname ‚ÄúTrendy Wendy‚ÄĚ by some of her friends.¬†

Here is what you need to know about Wendy:

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? Since September of 2014
Where is your hometown? Lake Benton, MN

What is your favorite color? Black

What is the most dominant color in your closet? Black

Who inspires your fashion sense? Olivia Pope

What is your favorite brand at NWB? Cupcakes and Cashmere, Denim: Joe‚Äôs Jeans-- my expensive taste is so unfortunate ūüėČ

What is your favorite thing about working there? The people I work with and our large clientele. I’ve met so many incredible women.

What is your hidden talent? I know how to drive a tractor (CRAZY, I know!)

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I am a huge dreamer. I have a wide array of interests with many goals in life. I would love to work for the Minnesota Timberwolves or ESPN, yet I love clothes and want to open my own boutique. I would also like to publish a book and be a motivational speaker.


 Storeowner, Courtney, has this to say about Wendy:

‚ÄúThis little fashionista is one of a kind! If you have met Wendy then you know she may have be slightly addicted to clothes and has definitely coined the phrase "I'm obsessed with this!" Pretty sure we all say that now Other than having a great eye for fashion, Wendy has a way of encouraging others that is so genuine. I cannot tell you how many times her kind words have brightened my day. She works harder than most people I know and she has about a million hidden talents! Pretty sure she will be famous one day! Seriously, Wendy, is there anything you can't do???? I appreciate all that you do for me and for the store; you are truly a gift!‚ÄĚ

We love you so much, Wendy!

We Love Our Staff!! Jackie February 13, 2017 19:53

Here at Noble Woman Boutique, if there‚Äôs one thing we love more than our clothes, it‚Äôs our staff. We have eight amazing, dedicated women who make this store what it is and we think you all should get to know them. Since it‚Äôs the week of Valentine‚Äôs day, we will be doing a ‚ÄúWe Love Our Staff‚ÄĚ week and introducing them to you. Check out our blog each day this week (through next Monday) to see who is being featured. First up is Jackie Esping!

Jackie has worked at NWB the longest out of the staff, with the exception of storeowner, Courtney. Jackie has a heart of gold and eyes for fashion, so if you come in on a Saturday and she is working, you are in luck! She would do anything to help you find the perfect outfit.

Here are some fun facts about Jackie:

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? 3.5 years

Where is your hometown? Marshall

What is your favorite color? Green

What is the most dominant color in your closet? Black

Who inspires your fashion sense? My sissy ‚Äď Jenna

What is your favorite brand at NWB? Lucky and denim/ Big Star

What is your favorite thing about working there? The people!!!

What is your hidden talent? Shopping - I'm really good at it

What’s one thing about yourself that you want everybody to know? I have an obsession for shoes and jeans, also the toilet paper roll needs to be flipped over the top.

This is what storeowner, Courtney, has to say about Jackie: ‚ÄúThis beautiful lady just makes my day a little bit better every time I work with her. Jackie¬†has such a silly sense of humor and doesn't mind my weirdness. She is so thoughtful and is always willing to help out. She is the type of person who will call me at 9:30 pm to see if I am at the store because she drove by and noticed that the lights were on, just to make sure everything was okay. ¬†Jackie brings energy to the store that cannot be duplicated. She is genuine, sincere, fun and one of the kindest people I know! Thank you Jackie Jackie for being you!‚ÄĚ

We love you so much, Jackie.


--February favorites-- February 6, 2017 13:13

Long time no see, fashionistas!

I am back to the fashion-blogging world and I have so much cute to share with you. Even in the midst of that good ol' February weather, we are thinking spring here at NWB. Sea Salt candles and diffusers are back in stock and trust me, this scent will rejuvenate your entire household.

Spring freight has started flying as well-- including some adorable prints, tanks, and dresses. Off the shoulder is still on trend and I have a feeling this style will stick around for the spring-summer season. We also have lots of versatile jewels in store that will help you turn heads, regardless of the occasion. Come in and we are sure to help you find something spectacular.

We are always on the lookout for pieces with incredible detail, fit, and fabric quality. And these styles in store are no different! Check out these pics and see for yourself! 


Until next time lovelies, 

Noble Woman staffer-- Stephanie <3


Black Friday - Fabulous Fashion and Great Savings! November 20, 2016 14:38

Hello Ladies!  It's that time of year again...the holidays are right around the corner and it's time to start checking things off the list.  Black Friday is next week and is the perfect time to save on all of your holiday gifts.  Or maybe you are looking for something fabulous to add to your winter wardrobe, either way, we've got you covered!  We are stocked up with new arrivals and amazing gifts just in time for Black Friday!  This year we are offering fabulous savings on everything in the store!  

Black Friday deals include:

  • BOGO 50% off store wide equal or lessor value
  • Gift with purchase for the first 50 shoppers
  • $20.00 of NWB rewards for every $150.00 you spend¬†

Not sure what to buy for someone on your Christmas list?  Here are some some great gift ideas available at NWB!

Frasier Fir


If you have stopped in to the boutique this fall you have probably smelled this amazing scent.  Frasier Fir is our favorite home fragrance and is perfect for Christmas.  This Minnesota made product by Thymes is the perfect blend of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedar wood and relaxing sandalwood.  This scent will fill your home with a sweet fragrance of the holidays.  We have reed diffusers, candles, sink sets, room mist, all purpose cleaner, wax melts and more.  Frasier Fir is a great gift idea but we are certain you will want some for your home as well!  


Every girl needs a little sparkle in her life, so you can never go wrong with the gift of jewelry!  

Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves are a fall and winter essential that can polish your look.  These scarves keep you warm and on trend.  If you love them as much as I do, you know that they can make great gifts as well.  And since we are doing BOGO storewide on Black Friday, you can get one for yourself too!  

 NWB Gift Certificates 

Can't decide what to buy for someone on your list?  A Noble Woman gift certificate is the perfect gift for anyone.  Our NWB gift certificates are available in any amount and they never expire.  And remember, for every $150 you spend in the store, you get $20.00 of NWB rewards to spend on yourself!  

In addition to checking things off your list, Black Friday is the perfect day to refresh your winter wardrobe!  We have cozy sweaters, holiday dresses, boots and booties, jeans, jackets and other unique styles.  Here's a sneak peek at some of our amazing winter fashion

See you on Black Friday and happy shopping <3

Noble Woman Boutique


Fall Trend - Over The Knee Boots October 16, 2016 20:06

Hello Lovelies! Today on the blog we are featuring one of our favorite trends this season: over-the-knee (OTK) boots. Nothing says Fall better than a great pair of boots, and we currently three different styles in the boutique.  These boots will keep you warm and looking stylish this fall and into the winter.  

Not sure how to wear tall boots?  We've got you covered!  Here's some of our favorite looks:

Wear them with your favorite sweater or jacket and skinny jeans.  For a classic fall look, add a blanket scarf to the mix.  When wearing a tunic or flowy blouse with leggings, adding OTK boots is a great way to complete your look.

Another of our favorite looks is to wear over-the-knee boots with any dress.  I have to admit that as the cool fall air arrives I tend to avoid dresses all together because I know I will be cold (I sit by a space heater 9 months of the year).  The best thing about OTK boots is that they keep me warm while looking fabulous! So don't pack your dresses away just yet, you can always add a blanket scarf or a moto jacket if your still chilly :)


If your on shorter side like me (5'4" with shoes on) don't lose your boots under a long dress, which will make you look shorter.  Leave plenty of space between the boots and the hemline so you don't overwhelm your frame.  The Neely boots can be folded over to regular tall boot height if your dress is little longer or if you just want a different look.  


Here's the styles we have in store now:

 Vince Cameo Bendra 

Dolce Vita Kitt

Dolce Vita Neely 

Stop in and try on a pair of over-the-knee boots or order online, they will be your go to for almost every season!

Until next time, Happy Shopping ;-)

Noble Woman Boutique

Fall Fashion Sneak Peek! September 28, 2016 15:18

Fall styles are arriving daily and they are nothing short of amazing!  We are really loving cozy sweaters, blanket scarves, fall dresses, cardigans, suede booties and over the knee boots this season.  Stop in and we will help you find some fabulous fashion! 

Here's a sneak peak at some of our favorite fall looks in the store now!

Stay tuned for more fall fashion in our next blog post!


Noble Woman Boutique


Moto Jackets...and more! September 5, 2016 18:21

We are ready for fall here at Noble Woman Boutique and this week we have decided to spotlight all of our amazing moto jackets.  The moto jacket is a fall and winter essential that will never go out of style, which is why we are seeing them year after year.  They are so versatile that you can add them to almost any outfit.  Plus, when you live in Minnesota, you need layers to stay warm!   

One trend we are seeing this season is faux suede and we are loving it!  These faux suede jackets are super soft and comfortable and will easily become your go-to jacket.

Of course, we never get tired of the classic faux leather look ;)  We have a variety of colors in the boutique right now with more to arrive this season!  One of our favorite looks is a moto jacket over a basic top with skinny jeans and heels.  

You can also wear a moto jacket with almost any dress.  When heading to the office in your favorite pencil skirt and blouse, a leather jacket is the perfect way to complete your look.  Add it to plaid or wear it over a sweater.  Seriously, moto jackets look great with everything!

In addition to these gorgeous moto jackets, we have a variety of coats to keep you warm and on trend this fall.  Here's a little preview for you!

More fabulous fall coats and jackets will be arriving soon! Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to see all our new arrivals! 

Until next time, Happy Shopping ;)

Noble Woman Boutique

Because you can never have too many pairs of shoes... August 26, 2016 08:34

Hello Lovlies!  Exciting news here at NWB...fall boots and booties have arrived!  If you have shopped with us before, you may know that we have a love for great shoes.  This spring we went to market in Chicago and fell in love with so many pairs of boots and booties, so we ordered them all!  Here's a look at some of the great styles we have in the boutique now, but stay tuned because more fabulous footwear is coming soon!


Lucky Brand is one of our favorite clothing lines and their shoes never disappoint.  The Basal Bootie is inspired by a vintage ankle boot, featuring a timeless shape and subtle worn-in detailing.  These leather booties have a 1.2 inch heel height, so they are easy to wear day and night.  


Next, we have the Sutton Bootie from Dolce Vita.  These booties are nothing short of amazing.  The Sutton is a laid back, lived in bootie.  They are 100% suede, have a 2 inch heel height and are available in both taupe and anthracite (charcoal).  I absolutely love them. You will too. 

One trend we are seeing this fall is over-the-knee boots, and we are obsessed!  We have 2 styles of OTK boots here at Noble Woman from Dolce Vita and they are adorable.  They can be worn over leggings or jeans or throw them on with a dress for a perfect fall look.    

The Kitt has a rugged romantic look with the ideal balance between comfort and chic. They are the perfect shade of taupe to pair with any look.  They are 100% suede and have a 2 inch heel height.  


The Neely is another over-the-knee boot from Dolce Vita.  They are 100% suede and have a 1 inch heel height.  The Neely boot also features a tie closure on the back so they can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.  They are so incredibly soft and will stretch without stretching out. Pretty sure these need to be in my closet ;)


Add a little leopard to you life! These Leopard heels from Vince Camuto are a must have for any season of the year, but they are a great way to transition your look from summer to fall.  These heels can be worn with basically any color and are adorable with stripes and other prints.  Seriously though, leopard heels are as essential as a great pair of jeans! 


We also have a variety of great summer sandals and wedges all 30% off.  Check out our Sale Items page for fabulous shoes at an unbeatable price!  

Happy shopping!  See you soon <3

Noble Woman Boutique

Denim Addiction! August 11, 2016 16:42

This week on the Blog--DENIM ADDICTION!

Fall is upon us here at Noble Woman Boutique and we are super excited about all of the fabulous fashion that is arriving daily! But what we are most excited about is...Denim!  If you know any of us that work here, then you may know that we have a slight addiction to great jeans.  Because of this, we have just filled the boutique with amazing denim in a variety of styles. 


Here's a little peek at what is in our store now!


One of our all time favorite denim lines is Joe's Jeans.  We currently have 11 different styles of Joe's including boot cuts, skinnies, petites and distressed jeans, so there's something for everyone! 

Joe's Flawless jeans are just that...flawless!  This gravity defying fabric is soft to the touch while lifting, smoothing and retaining its shape.  You won't be able to stop looking at yourself in these jeans! We are definitely addicted!


Another popular style of Joe's is the Japanese denim.  Let's just say they are amazing! This Artisanal denim is meticulously crafted for a superior quality that pairs age-old techniques and unrivaled technology making them undeniably soft and comfortable. 

KUT From the Kloth

If you have bought jeans here at Noble Woman before then you have probably tried on our most popular KUT's.  These jeans are a great fit with a mid rise in a variety of styles.  KUT's are soft and lightweight with the perfect amount of stretch.

The Diana Skinny is slimming and flattering. Made of medium weight, stretch denim, with a relaxed fit. 


The Mia toothpick skinny is crafted in an incredibly soft Cotton / Poly / Lyocell blend. 

Just arrived today are the Mia Ponte Slim Fit Skinny. They are a flattering fit, crafted in a soft and subtle rayon blend. Easy to dress up or down, featuring tonal stitching and matte black hardware details.  I am pretty sure that I wore these at least twice a week last fall ;)


One trend that we are loving this fall is flared jeans.  Our Mini Micro Flare from Henry & Belle is a must have for your fall wardrobe. These flares are a maximum stretch jean that are form-fitting from the waist to the knee with a flare from the calf down. This style is a subtle, softer take on the flare jean.  The perfect amount of stretch which provides a form-fitting, yet flattering look.  


So these aren't exactly jeans, but they are too cute not to mention! The Olive Ace Utility Pants from Sanctuary are another must have for fall.  These stretch twill pants feature denim styling and front exposed zippers, horizontal zip detail at hip, and utility pocket detail with a mid-rise skinny fit from hips to ankle.  They are nothing short of awesome.



Last but not least we have my personal favorite, Big Stars.  Big Star uses Eco-Friendly dye and ozone wash technology to help "save the planet one pair of jeans at a time." Our Big Star Alex distressed skinny has a classic mid-rise skinny fit with subtle distressing.


The Alex also comes in olive and white.



We also have the New Hazel regular boot cut that delivers an elongated silhouette and effortless laid-back style. 

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek--Stop on in and check out our denim selection, we currently have over 25 different styles of jeans to choose from!

Happy shopping and we hope to see you soon! 


Our favorites July 5, 2016 20:20

Hello lovelies

This week on the blog, we are going to highlight our staff-picked favorites! 

-- CAPRI BLUE Volcano

Our favorite scent in store right now is Capri Blue Volcano! This tropical fruits and sugared citrus scent is perfect for any room in your house. We have candles in a variety of sizes available in store as well as diffusers and room spray. LOVE LOVE LOVE 



Here are Noble, we swear by Nikibiki. These tanks are super soft and ultra comfortable. Perfect for layering and adding texture to any outfit. At $14 they are an affordable and essential piece for your wardrobe. 


-- LA Made

Another favorite of ours is the brand, LA Made. There basic tees are absolutely perfect! We have two cuts in right now << the vintage tee and pocket tee >> The vintage tee is a relaxed fit while the pocket tee is slightly longer and more fitted. Both tees feature a high quality, soft material for everyday wear. 


-- Joe's Jeans

Joe's are probably our most well-known favorite among our staff. It is hard to beat the comfort and quality of Joe's jeans. This light wash jean is great for rolling up and pairing with a cute strappy sandal. This jean also features a back pocket that will fit your SMART phone for those of you who like to be hands free! We have a variety of cuts and styles in the store. Stop in and try a pair, they are sure to be you new favorite jeans!




We just recently added bralettes to our inventory here in store. This essential is such a fun summer piece to add a little flair to any outfit! These are perfect for adding under a basic tee or an oversized tank. 


We have a range of handbags in store from crossbody bags to oversized totes. These bags are high quality and crazy versatile. 


These sandals are a serious favorite here at store! Add these with a rolled up jean or a casual dress for a great, textured look. 


We also have a great selection of jewels from extra sparkly earrings and necklaces to simple, layering pieces. Come in store and we can help you find that perfect piece for any occasion!


 Stop in to check out many more of our favorites! Happy shopping and we hope to see you soon! 



Jewelry, purses, and shoes- OH MY! June 20, 2016 14:51

Calling all fashionistas: We are talking accessories today!

Why are accessories important? Can‚Äôt you just throw on a cute dress and call it good? Answer: NO. Here‚Äôs why‚ÄĒAccessories have the ability to TRANSFORM an outfit. Adding the right shoe, handbag, jewelry, or sunglasses can give you a more complete look. Because really, If you are going to wear that perfect outfit, you gotta do it right! And here at Noble Woman, we carry a great selection of jewelry, handbags, shoes, and sunglasses.

Our bags come in a variety of sizes and styles because sometimes an outfit calls for a clutch and sometimes it calls for a handbag/tote that really makes a statement! Some bags in store are reversible¬†and come with a second bag inside ‚Äď SO convenient! We also have some gorgeous clutches that have expanding pockets, perfect for carrying all your ‚Äúessentials‚ÄĚ! (Because let‚Äôs be honest ladies, we NEVER fill our purses full with nonessentials!)


*This tote is one of the reversible bags I was talking about! It also comes with a second bag inside-- #SCORE. You've got to come in store and check all the different colors this bag comes in! 

For jewelry, we have a ton of dainty, everyday jewels as well as bold and chunky statement pieces for that special occasion! We have classic jewels in gold and silver, as well as many pieces that combine the two metals. We also have some great layering necklaces and many with the on-trend tassel feature. We would love to help you find that perfect necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings to complete your outfit!

Now maybe you have the perfect outfit, but you’re missing the perfect shoe!  We have flats and wedges for a dressier look and Sanuk sandles for casual comfort.

Looking for a watch? We’ve got you covered. A watch is that classic accessory that never truly goes out of style. No two of our watches are the same. They will keep you on time and on trend.

We hope you've found some great accessory inspiration!

<3 Noble Woman 






Return of the Jumpsuit June 1, 2016 20:12

The jumpsuit makes a return this summer and we couldn't be more excited!  These new jumpsuits from Bobi are a versatile addition to any wardrobe and they are not just for summer…you can wear them every season and for almost any occasion. 

For vacations, this jumpsuit can be worn over swimwear. Pair it with sunglasses and a fun hat for a day at the beach. It is also super comfortable so it is great to wear while traveling.

If you prefer a more casual look, just add a pair of flip-flops and a cute necklace. You can wear these jumpsuits with your favorite plaid shirt tied around your waist with a pair of boat shoes or ballet flats. Throw on a slouchy sweater and you are ready for a cool summer evening. Switch up the look with heels or wedges and a clutch for an elegant wedding or for a night out on the town. Necklaces, bracelets and belts can take the jumpsuit from casual to glam.

These jumpsuits are also a great look for fall. Wear a moto jacket and booties for an edgy look that is perfect for cool fall days. Or simply add a blazer or a vest.  Jumpsuits are a trend that is easy to pull off with the right accessories to fit your style.

These Bobi jumpsuits come in 3 colors; black, pavement gray and deep navy.  Choose the right color and style it to look your best! Check out these photos for a little inspiration! 


See you soon!!
Noble Woman Boutique

"She is worth more than rubies." //PROVERBS 31:10// April 29, 2016 19:28

 Hi there beautiful people! 

It's almost Mother's Day and we have an amazing selection of gifts for that special mama in your life. We have some outstanding candles, jewels, purses, sunglasses, and shoes that are perfect gift ideas! We all know that Moms deserve their own private island or trip to Paris but that sadly isn't in the cards for all of us! ;) Hopefully these gift ideas are the next best thing -- We certainly think so!

One fun note on these candles is that once you fully burn these candles out, you can reuse the base to hold your cotton balls or small jewelry! Plus-- These candles smell absolutely wonderful. It is a pretty rare thing when you can smell your burning candle from rooms away. It'll be hard not to buy every. single. scent. I know that I am struggling with that! ;)

Accessories are also a great go-to for gift ideas this Mother's Day. These new totes are perfect for that mama in your life who throws everything but the kitchen sink in her purse! ;) They are incredibly functional and versatile to fit every style. And don't forget about all the great jewels in store! We have a range of jewels from simple to more bold pieces. That one special necklace or pair of earrings can really pull an outfit together!

I hope some of these ideas can help you shop this Mother's Day! Check out the pictures below of all the products in store!




There's a dress for that! April 22, 2016 16:36

Hello again to all of our wonderful clients! 

Spring is in full swing here at Noble Woman Boutique and this week we have decided to spotlight all of our amazing spring dresses! Seriously, these dresses are just as comfortable as they are cute. 

There are so many reasons to invest in some great spring dresses this time of the year. You've got graduation receptions? We've got a dress for that. Need a new dress for Sunday church services? We've got a dress for that. Have an upcoming wedding ceremony or reception? We've got a dress for that. Regardless of what events you've got going on, we've got you covered. We have tons of options for casual dresses, formal dresses, and maxi dresses. But the outfit is not truly complete without the right accessories!

Let me tell you.... you're shoes can honestly make or break an outfit! Lucky for you, we've got some of the outstanding wedges around that will fit both your style and comfort needs. If a heel isn't for you, we also have some great lucky brand flats in a variety of colors. These flats are like walking on air. Seriously.

BEWARE: If you lack self control (as many of us employees do here at noble!), you may just end up walking out of store with every pair! 

You've been warned ;) 

Lastly, we just got some fabulous purses and jewelry in store to tie your whole outfit together. Make sure to check out all the pics in this post for some great ideas! 




Come on in for great fashion and loads of fun! 

Love you guys! 


Noble Woman Boutique 

We love you, Courtney! March 14, 2016 21:38

For anyone who has shopped with us here at Noble Woman Boutique, chances are... you've met Courtney.

It's hard to even begin to describe how amazing she truly is. I can speak for all of us at Noble when I say, there is no one more qualified to become a co-owner! "Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good" This is something that Courtney completely embodies. Working at Noble Woman is more than just a job to her. It's a chance for her to offer hope and bring joy into the lives of others. It just so happens that she gets to do all of this while working with clothes. "There really is nothing quite like helping a client find something that she feels beautiful in." We want to take care of our clients in every possible way and Courtney does everything in her power to make sure our clients leave feeling better than when they walked in. "It's all about people. It's all about relationships. It's all about sharing Christ's love with others." So we want to take this blog post to congratulate her on becoming a co-owner and be sure to congratulate her if you see her in store! We are so blessed to have her!

Here's a few of Courtney's favorite memories from her time at NWB!


<< Goodbye scarves, hello jewels >> February 20, 2016 19:32

With this fabulous warm weather we have been having, it is time to pack away those thick scarves and cowls and replace them with some statement jewelry! We recently received a HUGE shipment of jewelry including statement necklaces/bracelets, layering pieces, and simple earrings. Check out these images of all the new pieces! If you can't make it in to the store, check out the new jewels online! 




LOVE is in the air February 13, 2016 17:06

Oh Valentine's Day! 

A day all about love and boy do we LOVE all the styles and products in store! We have a ton of great spring/summer fragrances back in stock and they are the perfect way to freshen up your home after this chilly winter we've had. We also have a new variety of Paddywax candles in and the designs are seriously so adorable. Just a little obsessed over here. We also have a great number of new designs from Sanuk and they are still as comfortable as ever. Kut has once again graced us with their presence and these styles are amazing. We received a light wash slouchy boyfriend and a number of skinnies with a little distressing. For anyone who has ever worn Kut, you know how comfortable these jeans are and these new styles are no exception! There is so much new in store right now that these pictures hardly do the store any justice. Make sure to check out all the styles either in store or online. You won't be sorry! 



We wish you all the best for this Valentine's Day and hope you get to spend some time with the ones you love <3

Noble Woman family <3

Vacation packing list January 23, 2016 16:02

Anyone going on vacation soon?

Well here at Noble Woman we have got all your warm weather needs! Our resort wear styles include breezy tanks and quarter-length tops, flirty dresses, maxi skirts, white denim, and more! We also have some great accessories such as our customizable charm bracelets and minimalist necklaces from SENCE. We also have stocked up our Sanuks. We have had SOO many clients rave about these comfortable sandals -- definitely a must item for your vacation! (seriously, they are amazing) Here are some must-have items for your spring vacation!

1. Bold tops 

We have plenty of great options of tops in a range of bold colors such as coral, cobalt blue, teal, more! Make sure to pack a variety of both tanks and quarter length sleeve shirts in case the weather is unpredictable. Bold colors are a great option tucked into a black maxi skirt or paired with white or light wash denim.

2. Cropped denim 

Cropped denim have become the new capris! These jeans are a great option for a shopping or a night out in your vacation destination!

3. Easy jewelry & accessories

Charm bracelets and simple necklaces can sometimes just make an outfit whole! Bring something that will match with everything like a silver or gold pendant necklace.

4. Comfortable shoes!

For anyone going on vacation, I would suggest Sanuks! They are THE MOST comfortable sandal out there. Ask anyone who owns a pair and they will agree! Stay away from the blisters and sore feet and just buy a pair. You won't regret it. 

5. Dresses (formal & casual)

We suggest bringing both a formal and casual dress on vacation. A casual dress is a great option for a cover-up over your swimsuit or as an outfit to go exploring. Whip out the formal dress for late night suppers! 

6. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is another consideration for your vacation because often the nights can get cool. Throw a jean jacket over your dress or pair it with a basic top and white denim jeans. 

7. Versatile graphic tee

You can NEVER go wrong with a graphic tee. Pair it with some cropped jeans or a pair of shorts. You could also tuck it in a maxi or midi skirt for a whole different look! 

Check out these photos for some more inspiration!

Check out our resort wear online or in store! 

Warm Wishes,

Noble Woman