Meet Our Staff - Anna February 20, 2022 20:09

Anna Bucher

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? Only a few days!

Where is your hometown? Marshall, MN

What is your favorite color? Orange

What is your favorite brand at Noble Woman? ByTogether

What is your favorite part about working at Noble Woman Boutique? The people here of course!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? @annagraceart :)

What is your favorite fashion trend? I love high waisted pants. And layered jewelry

What period in history had the best fashion? I have no idea. The 60s were pretty cute.

What's one thing about yourself that you want everyone to know? I love photography and like creating things.

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Mmm, sure. It's not terrible but it's better alone.

Store owner Courtney's comments: Anna is the newest member of the Noble family! I don't know her all that well yet but I'm so excited to get to know her more! I know she's an extremely talented artist and she's super cute and nice. I like her. I'm super excited to have her here! I'm hoping she'll help me improve my non existent art skills. And I love that she's so tall because then she can reach all the things I can't.