Meet Our Staff - Lexi February 23, 2022 20:13

Lexi Schnaser

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? 3.5 years

Where is your hometown? Marshall, MN

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite brand at Noble Woman? Sadie & Sage

What is your favorite part about working at Noble Woman Boutique? I've always said I like saying I "get" to go to work at Noble and not I "have" to go to work. I love my coworkers, the atmosphere of a small business, and working with fun clothes!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I like to spend time with my friends. We're usually at the thrift store or coffee shop. :)

What is your favorite fashion trend? I'd probably say that recently it seems like a lot of people are finding their personal styles so there's so many different trends that I love.

What period in history had the best fashion? Honestly, any time before 2005 probably.

What's one thing about yourself that you want everyone to know? I love working for a small business that aims to support women!

Does pineapple belong on pizza? YES

Store owner Courtney's comments: Oh little Lexi! I miss her face so much. I am sad because I don't get to hangout and see her on a daily basis anymore, but I'm proud of the woman she is becoming. I just love her. I know God has big things in store for her future. Every time I have Dairy Queen on a Wednesday I think of her.