Meet Our Staff - Whitney February 16, 2022 20:19


Name: Whitney Deutz

How long have you worked at Noble Woman? I have no idea. When did I start here? August of 2017 and I worked here until September of 2019. And then I came back in October of 2020.

Where is your hometown? Marshall, MN

What is your favorite color? Creams, white, green and black

What is your favorite brand at Noble Woman? Dex, KLD & Kut

What is your favorite part about working at Noble Woman Boutique? My favorite part?! I mean, does it have to be work related? The people I work with and the clients that come in the store.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Being with my family, watching my boys play hockey, drinking coffee, going antiquing and thrifting and playing with my dog.

What is your favorite fashion trend? Straight leg jeans, graphic tees & plaid. And shackets!!!

What period in history had the best fashion? *shakes her head* I'm not into this. I like today how it's all intertwined from the past few decades. As long as low rise jeans don't come back in we'll be good.

What's one thing about yourself that you want everyone to know? Oh no. I don't like attention called to myself. I have over 50 house plants. I really love coffee. I prefer old things over new things. I enjoy house projects. And I pretty much only wear Vans. There.   

Does pineapple belong on pizza? I can't eat pizza.


Store owner Courtney's comments: Whitney! Whitney broke my heart a little bit when she left me...but then she came back!!!! I'm just so glad to have her back at Noble. She is one of the funniest people I know and there's never a day I don't crack up when I work with her! I appreciate that she is very straightforward and that she says it how it is. She's not going to say anything she doesn't mean. There's no gray area with Whitney. I love her commitment to Noble and she shows up when I need her to. She takes pride in her job and she's invested. She cares about me and the business. She's dedicated and reliable and I love that. I also love that she...I love so many things about her! I love her facial expressions and when she says things like elthwhere. ;) She brings a lot of joy to my day and I get excited when I get to work with her.